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I know most of you only subscribe to my blog on the off chance I will motivate and post cute photos of my boys.  I get it, reading is overrated.  So in an effort to give us all what we want for Christmas, I have posted a self-described “year’s best” Santa pic.  Seriously, I challenge you to find four more adorable boys (including three 3 year olds and a 7 year old who styled his own hair), smiling in their bow ties on Santa’s lap.

But before you bask in the pure cuteness that occurred last evening, please click below and skim something I’ve written.  Really, it’s less than 500 words you’ll be done before your computer loads whatever very important task (or other cute photos) you’re about to start.  As a bonus there is a throwback, cute photo at the end.  You win, I win.

A Grand Gift Idea: What I’m Giving My Children for Every Holiday

Merry Christmas!






In honor of World Prematurity Day, I thought I’d share our little preemies.  At 36 weeks, our guys were barely premature and as far as triplets go they were very mature.  Thankfully, our NICU stay was brief and we’ve had healthy guys ever since.  While I think about all those little champions out there, I’m thinking even more about their brave mommas.  I think by nature moms are advocates for their kids but NICU moms go from 0 to 110 in no time at all.  They bond through plastic and around wires.  They entrust total strangers with their whole world for days, weeks, even months.  All the ups and downs of an entire lifetime are thrown at them during visiting hours.  Through it all, they listen, they learn, they love so their babies can survive.

So today my heart goes out to the all the little fighters and all their mommas sitting ringside.IMG_2857.JPG


Happy Halloween

Zombie Apocalypse or spontaneous triplets both are unbelievable and terribly frightening.  Here’s how we survive:

Zombieland Parenting Special – 11 Ways to Avoid a Toddler Apocalypse


More Halloweenish

This afternoon we got some Cuz Luv at the ZooBoo at Como Zoo.  This is a great Halloweenish event so we took all the costumes out for a test drive.  A frightfully good time was had by all.  The only scary part was what almost happened to the woman who thought she could skip the line and jump in right front of us.  Apparently, I can act like a witch even without a costume (yes, I know most of you already knew that.)


Happy Halloweenish

In preparation for the impending onslaught of Elf on Shelf photos, I’m starting a holiday season tradition I can really get behind. So here it is: Halloweenish. (Feel free to suggest another/better/more appropriate name.)

Ways to celebrate Halloweenish include:
1. Wearing your costume around the house, just to get into character.
2. Attending early Halloween parties or making “fall” parties, Halloween parties by wearing your costume.
3. Putting aside household chores to focus on crafting the perfect costume.
4. Bobbing for anything.
5. Candy Corn Cleanse Diet, eat only candy corn and apple cider.
6. Making plans to pilfer your kids candy.
7. Pumpkin patch visits.
8. Pumpkin Carving.
9. Scaring people. I do this bi-weekly but if you need a reason here ya go.
10. Wearing themed undergarments. Socks work but try really getting into it.

Here’s some photos of the start of our first ever Halloweenish:






Jewel of Denial

I deal with Minnesota’s “season who will not be named” in two ways: dread and denial.  I’m like a schizophrenic squirrel.  One minute, I’m wearing flip-flops in 40 degree weather, the next I’m hoarding craft supplies and canned foods like we’ll never see the sky again.  As a part of the denial process, I embrace any and all outdoor fall activities.  (Maybe its dread too either way if its outside, I’m on it.)  One of my favorites is picking apples.  This year we went back to Pleasant Valley Orchard, where we picked strawberries this summer (see U Pick I Pick U).  Shafer is a bit of a hike but the ride out is beautiful, the people are nice and the crowds are nil.  We had a glorious day.  In addition to plucking way too many apples, the boys climbed on hay bales, “drove” the tractor, and bounced around on a nice long hay ride.

To help prevent an apple overdose I attempted some Vitamix applesauce (aka I’m too lazy to cook the apples but I didn’t want them raw either.)  The result was a hot apple slushy.  I can’t recommend it but a little spiced rum makes everything better.  I did succeed in making a delicious apple crisp.   My secret is half the apples, twice the crisp.

P.S. This weekend they have Honeycrisp apples!  If you don’t know why that’s so wonderful you have some apple eating to do.