Playing the odds

When she saw the sonogram she said “you have a better chance of winning the lottery.”  At that moment I wished I had.

I had just waited an extra hour and fifteen minutes to see the doctor and was expecting to hear the usual response to my complaints about excessive morning sickness.  Instead the obstetrician looked at the ultrasound and said “I can tell you why you’re feeling so sick”, I glanced at the screened and responded with “are there two?”.  “No three” was her response.  I went into a state of disbelief and just kept thinking about “how, I am an only child?” and “how are we going to have three more kids?”.  The nurse and doctor were terribly excited and all I could think was “I gotta get outta here and pick up Fletch”.  Other than the lottery comment, I really remember very little of what they said after that.  I drove to daycare and then the train station reminding myself it wasn’t a dream.

Now over three months later, the lottery winner comment continues to amuse me because, of course, with the lotto “you’ve gotta be in it to win it” and we definitely did not think we were in it.  Don’t get me wrong seven and a half years and one baby into our marriage we know where they come from so I wasn’t surprised to find myself in an obstetrician’s office.  But trust me when I tell you, it never occurred to us that we might be throwing in our lot for a triplet pay off.   In fact, after many hours of (obviously totally medically sound) internet research, I am still mystified as to how this happened to us.  (To answer all the questions you are thinking in your head but don’t want to come out and ask: no we did not have IVF or any sort of fertility treatment, I’m not the world’s youngest mom but I’m certainly not in the “older” range, no family history of multiples, and I wasn’t fresh off the pill.  If there’s anything else you’re dying to know don’t hesitate to ask.)  So keeping in mind that we had a 1 in 8000 chance of have triplets and close to 90% of those are linked to fertility treatments, I checked the stats on the lotto.  Turns out we didn’t have a better chance at the grand prize, its more like 1 in 195,249,054, however the chances of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are 1 in 6,250.  I won’t being going out in the rain for a long time.


One thought on “Playing the odds

  1. Kristine says:

    Wow. This is hilarious. I love it and love the title and love that you are so honest. You totally need to publish it and add photos, etc., as you suggest. In fact, it might keep you sane and give you an alternative focus when you have a bit of time – which I know will be infrequent for a few months. Hey, you should see if you can get google advertisements, etc., Christian makes a little money from people who buy things that are advertised on his site, or are even referred to sites where they buy things originating from Christian’s site. I can see lots of potential ads on your site! And it could just be a useful site for people with multiples, etc. Or, you could just keep it in the family and not think of it in those terms at all, just some ideas. However, not sure that WordPress allows for ads as BlogSpot does being that is part of Google. You can also do analytics on google to gauge who is reading, from where, etc. Not sure of the options on WordPress.
    Love it, totally think you need to blog about your wishlist and gently used items you are seeking!! My sister was hoping there was a girl in there because she has so many unused clothes from her daughter Sofia that she wanted to send. But, I’m sure she has other items that you might be able to use. Anyway, can’t wait to get back east and take the train up to see you and all of your boys (including Edward). Let me know if I can be of more help or if you want to run any other ideas by me!!

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