Communing with my 3 year old

Who knew my triplet pregnancy could bring me closer to understanding my 3 year old son.  Until recently, I’ve been having difficulty empathizing with Fletch’s need to do anything and everything he’s told not to.  Here’s a few examples from a typical day:

  • Please don’t use potty words- he creates a song about poop and pee
  • Please don’t call names- suddenly I’m “Bad Momma”
  • Please don’t throw balls in the house- now our living room is a baseball diamond.
No doubt we’ve all been at this stage and if you asked my mother she’d probably tell you I’m still in it, the difference was I never got why.  When your entire life, including your physical being, is controlled by something out of your control, you cling to every shred of independence you can.  Even if it means rebelling in the most non-sensical ways.  Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and being told what I can eat and how much was (and continues to be) more than I can handle.  The day of my first appointment with a dietician, I downed a bag of gummi bears and sour patch kids because I knew what they were going to say.  Since then the medical risks have motivated me to keep my diet in check but every meal is a mental workout.  It seems that when you can’t have it, its all you want.  Even the things I used to think were good for me are off limits (e.g. fruit before noon, yogurt at breakfast, milk) .  So guess what I think about all day:
  • cake
  • cupcakes
  • cherry pie
  • swedish fish
  • gatorade
  • lemonade (or juice in general)
  • pancakes
  • donuts-frosted, cake, frosted with sprinkles, also includes apple fritters
  • Pepsi
  • Crush
  • Golden Double Stuff Oreo Cookies
  • warm chocolate chip cookies
  • pineapple, lots of pineapple
  • jelly beans
  • licorice
  • popsicles
  • DQ Blizzards
  • peach cobbler
  • berry cobbler
  • fig newtons
  • sweet tea
  • french toast
  • waffles
  • mini donuts
  • milkshakes
  • smoothies
  • KitKat
Are you hungry?  So am I.  In case you think I forgot ice cream, its my one hold out.  I believe without my nightly ice cream indulgence I might go off the deep end, so until my morning reading says otherwise I will relish my few evening moments of eating free of madness.  Go ahead and call me juvenile, I get it, just don’t tell Fletch.

One thought on “Communing with my 3 year old

  1. Kristine says:

    I just let Christian read this over my shoulder because he had quite a day with miss Annika and this puts things into a bit of perspective. Airika, you have the best blog on the streets, you make me laugh and I love the way you write. Thank you for entertaining me, I can use a lot of that these days!!! : )

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