Crew Update

Saw the doctor yesterday, Eddie and I got a lot of information some new, some we’ve heard before.  The best was the story of a 6 ft. Albanian woman who walked in on her due date to deliver 8 lb. triplets.  She told our doctor she was hoping one of them would fall out so she could deliver the remaining twins without a c-section.

My hopes and prayers are for three healthy babies but 8 lbs. is a little too healthy for me.

They did a growth scan and all is well.  The boys have been uncooperative with the paparazzi lately so we’ll have to share some old photos soon.

The identical twins are weighing in at 1.8 lbs. each and their fraternal brother is 1.7 lbs.  Heartbeats are all good and they are definitely busy throughout the day.

No signs of pre-term labor so keep your fingers cross we can all hang in there for the next 11 weeks.  (We’re 24 now and the c-section is schedule for 35.)


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