Two New Mottos

Is it possible to emulate both a Girl Scout and a British pop band at the same time?  No, I’m not interested in a little brown skirt or big hair do. I found out this week, its important that I aim to “be prepared” and “relax, don’t do it” simultaneously.

Admittedly, I looked at Mother’s Day weekend as my last chance to enjoy myself before the triplets totally take over.  And perhaps Martha’s Vineyard, a Yankee game, house guests, and starting a kitchen/family room remodel was a little much.  So not entirely surprisingly, I ended up at the Dr.’s office and then in the hospital over night.  Fortunately, the babies and I are totally fine.  The overnight was primarily for observation and the resulting monitoring for the better part of Thursday, was due to all the poking and prodding the previous day.  Medically nothing too worrisome but oh my was the hospital boring!  I went down there with the contents of my “mom off-duty” purse and it made for a very long 24 hours.

You’d think after hearing a whopper like “you’re having triplets” I would have learned that you just never know what’s going to happen, but it took me ten plus hours of basic cable and a dying cell phone to learn I need to “be prepared.”  Now that I’m home I’m listing and gathering items so my overnight bag can be in the car every time I head to Stamford.  At the same time, to keep myself from heading back there again for at least another ten weeks, I have to “relax”!  They’re not putting me on bed rest (thank goodness) so my limitations are my own, now I just need to set them.

On the upside, they took several good looks at the babies.  No new weights but they are progressing well.  All three are practice breathing.  My understanding is that they don’t really breath in oxygen but the diaphragm moves fluid in and out.  Its part of a Biophysical Profile (BPP) so the trips had their first test and all three aced it!


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