Good Luck and God Bless

“Good Luck” and “God Bless” these are the two most commonly uttered phrases when people learn that we are having triplets.  Roughly translated, this is the quickest and kindest way to say “I’m glad its you and not me.”  I’m fairly confident in my translation skills because this is exactly what I would be thinking.  Truly, as much as a baby is a blessing and they will all be wonderful additions to our family, I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would wish for three at once.  There’s all the added risk during the pregnancy for mom and babies, the realization that no matter how reluctant you are the mini-van is the only logical solution, all the additional baby items that seem to take up every last inch of adult space, and I’m choosing not to think too much about the madness to the third power once they arrive.  Above all it’s a huge reminder that in the grand scheme of things no matter how hard you plan or what path you hoped to be on, its really not up to you.

Either way whether its meant literally or “OMG, I hope that never happens to me,” I’ll take it .  After seven months to think about it, I’ll take it all.  Father’s Day is just a couple of days away and I’m still floating from Mother’s Day.  My boys showered me with love all day and our friends the Pashman’s gave us the opportunity to get away to their wonderful home in Martha’s Vineyard.  And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.  Ever since we found out that we were having triplets friends and families have done so much for us that we may even believe we can handle this.  All the calls, the offers of stuff, the help with projects and daily activities, are really amazing. Getting back to the grand scheme of things there are a lot of worse ways for your number to come up.  If the this is the worst thing that ever happens to us, then I’m glad its me.

***Regardless of this moment of clarity, as a pregnant woman and future mom of four I reserve the right to moments even days of resentment of “normal families” and bouts of self-pity, but I will try to keep it to a minimum.


2 thoughts on “Good Luck and God Bless

  1. Linda Pashman says:

    An honest assessment of others’ thinly disguised relief! You are king great; sLt is overrated; maybe not so with sugar, but we can hope it’ll resolve. You do look incredible. You should read, enjoy being able to finish a sentenc, and do Fletch’s baby book. It took me 7 years to do Howie’s bar mitzvah book. Hope you do better.
    Btw…we figure the triplets won’t be walking by next Mo’s Day so hopefully you’ll make another trip to MV. We might just have to add a nanny or two:)

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