I just don’t know what to do with myself….

This weekend was a bit of an eye opener.  I’ve been planning on having all the days up to our planned c-section, on July 18th, to prepare and check off my long list of to-dos.  Call it naive optimism or denial but my countdown never considered that these babies might come earlier than their early date.  From the beginning,  I’ve accepted the high possibility of bed rest, but things have been going so well I put that in the back of my mind as well.  (I did prepare, as recommended by myself to myself in an earlier post, so now I put a packed bag in the car for every Drs. appointment and I have a long list of seated projects.)  I wasn’t planning any heavy lifting, painting, crawling around on the floor, those things are being left for all the wonderful family members who have been kind enough to come for a “visit”.  No, I just wanted time to sort baby clothes, organize the family room after the remodel and get the basement arranged for the lucky guests who used to stay in the nursery before it became the nursery.  So when a regularly planned Dr. visit became a 24 hour vacation at the Stamford Hospital it dawned on me that I might have run out of time.

Fortunately, everyone is fine and I’m back home with instructions to “take it easy” as if I can take it any other way.  But now I have a dilemma.  What do I do with myself in the days and hours I have left before the babies or my Dr. say “time is up.”  So far I’m grappling with the following equally compelling plans:

A) Spend my time relaxing, reading, soaking up the sun and some quiet time…all things that will completely disappear upon the arrival of our trio.

B) Focus on my projects, create a budget that accounts for my new role as a kept woman, finish Fletch’s woefully neglected baby book, and all the other items that might help stave off the impending chaos as long as possible.

C) You tell me.  Tell me what you would do, then I can go ahead and blame you later if it wasn’t the best idea.

***Technical Update*** I was hospitalized for more tests because I had atypical symptoms of preeclampsia.  My blood pressure isn’t high and was consistent on Friday and Saturday.  So they were looking for elevated liver enzymes, low platelets, swelling, blurred visions or headaches.  All of the tests were good and continued to be on Monday morning when I went back for another round of tests.  And the really good news is that now in addition to avoiding sugar I get to watch my salt intake.

The boys are growing as they should be, they are now at 3.5 lbs for Baby A, 3.5 lbs for Baby B, and 3.6 lbs for Baby C.  That’s 10.6 lbs of baby, yes, every night time bathroom break is a workout.


4 thoughts on “I just don’t know what to do with myself….

  1. Kristine says:

    Wow, wow, and more wow. Airika, you are so amazing (you wer fantastic before this and now you have moved to amazing!). I have so much respect for you, your strength and all you are doing to plan for these little wonders. I think you should get Fletch’s baby book doner (I haven’t finished either of mine) and then read the books you have wanted to read, watch shows, talk to friends and just RELAX!!!! That is my advice. So glad that you are fine, but stop scaring me with all of these hospital visits already.

    Thinking of you and your family. Big hugs and kisses.

  2. Katy Jones says:

    Ohhhh arika! You look amazing for having belly full of babies!! 🙂 good size babies! I work in pediatrics and nicu and most triplets dont get that big! So happy for you! Congrats and hang in there!!!xo

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Airika,

    I finally got a chance to sit in silence and read your blog….it is wonderful. Mom and Aunt Dot have done a great job of passing on all the news, but it is good to hear all about the trio from your perspective.

    Addison is approaching her 1st birthday it has dawned on me how time flies. I can hardly remember what life was like before she was part of our family. That being said, my suggestion on what to do with your time is to write Fletcher a letter and Ed a letter. It was not that long ago you and Fletch were holding down the fort in Minneapolis while Ed was in NJ and or when you and Ed were in your cute place in Georgetown.

    Our life is about to change after 3 years as well, we will all be living together. While it is exciting, it will be a change. It got me thinking of all the little traditions Mason and I have had and the new ones we started with baby sister. Anyway, it is just a thought. We wish you guys all the happiness and sanity life can offer. Like I said the day you told us, if it was to happen to anyone I know, you guys can handle it and will make it fun. Lot of love. Kel

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