Last Days of Independence

This week I woke up from a dream that one of our babies was a girl, with an Olivia Newton John song in my head, life can be cruel.  On the flip side, after another short stay in the hospital last weekend the Drs. gave me the green light to be home for the holiday weekend.  It was fantastic to have a final three days with Eddie and Fletch, not that we did of anything of note but I truly savored our time together as a threesome.

Of course they sent me home on Thursday afternoon and then called on Saturday morning to say that 4 days between appointments is too long and that they wanted me to stop by on Sunday.  I’ve never felt so popular.  All continues to go well.  Last weekend, was again precautionary.  I managed to come down with a nasty sinus infection that led to a headache.  Headaches are a symptom of preeclampsia so they ran blood work.  My platelets were low so they kept me for further observation.  No worsening symptoms overnight but they wanted to get me and the babies a round of steroids for their lungs so we had to stay another 24 hours for the full course.  I wish I could say I was feeling ready to 70+ home runs this season, as a result of the steroids, but not so much.

I would however like to blame a recent incident at Verizon on Roid Rage and/or their total incompetence.  Without boring you with all the enraging details (okay, just one…two months ago I spent 5 minutes on the NY subway and at least three people offered me a seat, I spent 45 minutes in the Verizon store and not one employee offered me a seat, not even when they obviously couldn’t do their jobs or when I kept having to take a break from the ridiculous process to go to the corner and sit on the one in-store bench), I now have a new cell number so email me if you need to update your phone book.

Finally, Eddie took another belly pick which is below.  They are definitely all fighting for space in there.  I should have new weights tomorrow.  Today is officially two weeks before our scheduled c-section date.  It seems odd to know exactly when this process will end and the real adventure will begin.  I’ve cut way back on any activity in hopes of making all the way to the end.  The real credit for how well this has all gone should go to my Drs. who have been very attentive and cautious and even more so to the generous family members who have come to take care of the three of us and allow me to put my feet up.  Hopefully, the result will be three healthy boys who arrive on July 18th.


2 thoughts on “Last Days of Independence

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us Airika! We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and look forward to seeing the little ones on July 18th!

    Ashlee and Luke, Elena and Lyra

  2. Kristine says:

    So amazing to see these images, thank you for sharing with us! FYI, the few weeks before Helena was born, I felt the need for many Annika, Christian and I moments, that it would never be just the 3 of us again (getting teary eyed just thinking about it all over again). But then, Helena was born and it is so funny that I have never had those feelings again. So, enjoy these last moments with Eddie/Fletch, but these new 3 will be so amazing that you will wonder how it ever was just you 3 to begin with!!

    Still thinking of you often and amazed at how long you’ve carried these babes, great great work mamacita!!!

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