Let the Count Down Begin…

10 days to go…Eddie’s Yankee coworkers surprised him with a fantastic shower complete with blue, white and Yankee balloons, delicious (yes, I cheated) cake, and wonderful gifts.  The best part is that they really fooled him with a great story about a VIP being in the conference room all day and then an “urgent issue” that he needed to address.  Picture Eddie standing outside the door tucking in his shirt, taking a deep breath and walking in to “SURPRISE.”  I love the idea of the moment of panic before walking in, I only wish I had done it.


9 days to go…My mom is here, we’ve had so much wonderful help, but there is really nothing like having your mom with you.  Plus, my Aunt made me promise not to have the babies while she was here alone, so now it’s just a matter of waiting for our doctor to get back from vacation.

8 days to go…Fletch decided I was the best target for his water balloon tossing practice.  He failed to notice that I was holding the actual hose.  Turn around didn’t seem like fair play to him but since I had no way to flee, I decided to teach him my Grandfather’s favorite lesson “you get me, I’m going to get you back twice as hard.”  Baby wise these kids are getting heavy, I believe my radius for the next week, aside from Dr. appointments, will be my bed, my couch, the bathroom, and the chair on my front porch.

Keep your fingers crossed for the next seven and we’ll keep you updated


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