The Final Test

Yesterday was our last Dr. appointment before the big day.  We had a final BPP and all three boys got 8 out of 8 in short order.  My platelets were higher than they have been for some time and all other tests looked good.

So we’re on schedule for delivery Monday at 9:30 am.  I think this is the only thing we’ve planned, for nine months, that hasn’t changed for some reason or another.

We also hit another milestone yesterday.  It took 34 weeks and 5 days but people finally started saying either “you look like you’re ready to go soon” or “there must be two in there.”  Watching their reactions to “Monday” and “three” is amusing.  My sugar embargo was lifted so we proceeded immediately to Dunkin’ Donuts.  The staff actually came out from the back to gawk at my belly and ask “really?”.  The woman at the register was so distracted, I almost didn’t get my stars and stripes frosted donut.

At Fletch’s pediatrician* the front desk had the same reaction.  Peaking around the corner when they heard triplets and cracking jokes about how they’d be seeing us a lot soon.

Don’t worry, it’s entertaining but I haven’t planned any more outings for more reactions.  Though there are three flea markets in town this weekend and they are my favorite….

*Fletch is fine, he was stung by a bee at daycare on Wednesday and developed a mild allergic reaction that we wanted checked out.  Apparently, he hardly flinched and told his teacher “that bee stung me, so I swatted it.”  It should go away in a week with topical cream.


2 thoughts on “The Final Test

  1. Ellen says:

    Our thoughts and prayers will be with all of you on Monday. Can’t wait to see pictures of the trips with Fletch. Hugs & love to all – Ellen

  2. Lynne Gruber says:

    We are thinking of “all” We will be saying a prayer and anxiously awaitng word of the boys and their names! Hugs to Fletch!
    Love, Aunt Lynne & Uncle Dick

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