Last Day As Three

15 hours before our family doubles in size.  We had a great final day before the new additions:

French Toast Bake

Fletch Dance Fest

Beach, mine might have been the biggest belly in a swimsuit but at least I had an excuse


Friday Night Lights Series Finale, I wasn’t the only teary eyed one in the room and Eddie didn’t have an excuse

Celebration of National Ice Cream, how else do you celebrate than with an obscene amount of ice cream

Cuddling with my boys on the couch

Tater Tot Hot Dish

Pending: Episode 3 of True Blood, I’ll have to find time in the hospital to find #4 online

Thank you all for the calls, emails and posts with lots of love and support.  I’m still feeling good, mostly feeling weird about the fact that we know its all going to happen soon.  And very optimistic that we’ll have three more healthy and wonderful boys by this time tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Last Day As Three

  1. Dot Coblentz says:

    Goodnight, Dear Ones. We love you. We’ll be there tomorrow(and always) for you.

    Hugs and love,
    Grandma Dot and Papa John

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