First Week as Six

There is a really good reason we don’t remember pain.  If we did we might not do really fun things, like decide to have triplets.  Ugh!! I feel like I got hit by a truck.  Fortunately, I think yesterday was the worst of it and now I’ll start to feel a little less pain and be a little more steady on my feet.  I’d better because it looks like our beautiful boys might come home with us soon.  (This news is scary and fantastic at the same time.)

The past few days are a bit of a blur but here’s the run down as best as I can recall.  We arrived at 7:30 am on the dot Monday morning for C-section prep.  We were admitted to Labor & Delivery with a great nurse, Jolie, who got us all ready.  The hospital had 5 sections the night before so there was a bit of delay and our 9:30 moved to 10:30ish.  This gave Eddie and my Mom even more time to keep my mind off things by giving me a hard time.  My regular platelet count came back low which elicited an f-bomb from my normally affable doctor.  Luckily the manual count was great so we got the green light for local anesthesia.  They wheeled me to the operating room and Eddie suited up.  The operating room was large and the temperature cool.  We started with just a few peeps but once the surgery started there were 10-12 Drs. and nurses there to help out.  I was relieved there wasn’t any stadium seating and no one smuggled in Junior Mints.

Our Dr. offered to sing the National Anthem for Eddie before starting.  (Yes, its very likely that every aspect of my life will end or begin with sports references.) Once they put the drape up it was mostly just listening for me.  Eddie isn’t squeamish but he isn’t fascinated by my internal organs so the two of us chatted and waited.  The Dr. said “here we go” and it was just seconds until we heard Baby A-Cooper Dillon announce his arrival.  Then we heard “Baby B is delivering himself” and “now he’s peeing on me” and we heard Hudson Lars’ unique cry.  At that point they encouraged Eddie to take photos which he did but we have since censored.  Really, who wants to see all that goo? Finally, we heard “and here’s Baby C”-Nathan Lee and a big sucking noise (this is as gory as it gets I promise).  A flurry of photos and nurses pacing followed.  They told us their stats and talked about how great they looked. The crowd thinned as the babies were taken to the NICU.  Unfortunately, the Grandparent fan club was assembled in the wrong lounge so they missed the triplets first motorcade.

The Drs. stitched me up and moved me to the gurney, we took the long way upstairs with a stop at the NICU.  Our first visit and the rest of the evening is very blurry but I remember their beautiful faces.  I apologize if we spoke that evening and I was less than coherent, I woke up on Tuesday feeling like I had drunk dialed a lot of folks.

Since Day One there’s been lots of healing on my part and lots of adjusting on the babies’ part.  They started with sugar IVs (Hudson and Nathan) and spent some time under the blue lights (Cooper).  They have all been circumcised, had their hearing tests, car seat tests, and gotten their first round of vaccines.  Eddie and I got first rate training from the nurses on preemie diaper changes and temperature checks.  Today was Grandparent Prep School including Feeding and Burping 101 and Sponge Baths 410.

Tomorrow should be my last morning in the hospital, and unless I forget to ask for pain medications I’m ready to go home and spend some time with Fletch and my own bed.  The boys departure date is now in limbo.  Hudson and Nathan have lost some weight and may have to hang around to bulk up.  Hopefully by Monday we will all be together at home.

No promises on updates once they are totally our responsibility, but we’ll work on it.

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5 thoughts on “First Week as Six

  1. Kristine says:

    I can’t stop looking at these photos. All 4 boys are just awesome and adorable. You are really so blessed Airika and Eddie, really, what a wonerful (yes, sometimes it will be stressful) journey you are on. I can not wait to kiss those little buggers……

    Airika – feel better soon, wishing you a quick recovery, time goes so fast, just hang in there!

    Love to you all : )

  2. Linda Pashman says:

    Love, love , love seeing the entire family involved…esp Grandpa John giving a bottle!!! Fletch looks handsome. You are amazing; can’t stop looking at these photos. Wishing you all lots and lots of good luck and much love.

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