Tonight’s Starting Lineup

Be careful what you wish for…

I think I thought a little too hard about how scary it was going to be to bring home all three babies today.  That or the NICU has a great doctor who wants to make sure our boys are 110% ready to be released.  Either way the end result is that Cooper, Hudson, and Nathan are all still at the hospital. They are fine, just need to put on more weight.  Today they switched to a new formula with more calories per ounce, kind of like a protein shake for little people.  He expects that they will all be home on Sunday.

The logical, sound-minded patient in me is grateful for the opportunity to rest, recuperate, and regroup.  The emotional, soft-candy-centered, mother in me is a little torn up about leaving our three baby boys behind.  Smart lady, Airika is willing to trade a few short days of newborn snuggles for a lifetime of healthy boy hugs.  New Mom, Airika is struggling with being more than 100 yards from holding my youngest kids.

I am, however, entirely happy to be home with Fletch.  He is so excited about becoming a new brother.  When I told him the boys weren’t coming home today, he said “I don’t want to hear that Momma.”  Love him to pieces.

Eddie had to sweat it out at work today but his coworkers rewarded him with a jumbotron-sized surprise.  Thank you!


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