Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

First the one step back, Cooper got a little preoccupied with his pacifier last night and forgot to breath for a short moment.  He’s completely fine, apparently this is something common for preemies, especially white male preemies. They call them “stupid, little, white boys” in the NICU. I’m glad if this was going to happen that it happened under expert watch, I would just have panicked. Because he is so enthusiastic about this bottle and pacifier, Cooper will have to stay in the hospital for at least another five days. I really want to hold him, but I want him to remember to breath first.


*I love that immediately after Eddie says “can you say hello to Momma?” Cooper sticks his tongue out.  I’m totally in for it.

Now, two steps forward, Nathan and Hudson, put on weight as of this morning and were eating well all day.  Bulking up increases the chance that they’ll be home by tomorrow some time.  Even if they’re not sent home right away, I’m just glad to know they’re moving in the right direction.




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