Homecoming Pts. 1, 2, and 3

Yes, it has been four days since our last boy came home and I’m just getting around to posting something about what all has gone on.  I know most of you (especially the ladies) will understand why.  Eddie seems to think I’m at home lounging around and eating bon bons, so “why can’t I update the blog?”  (His impression is not entirely wrong, as I am lounging but only because yesterday I lifted a car seat more than once and had to reintroduce myself to the pain meds they gave me post-surgery.  And yes, if there were bon bons in the house, I would be eating them just like I am everything else in sight.)  I thought I was hungry before the triplets were born, but since the sugar ban has been officially lifted I am ravenous and no longer depressed by walking into my kitchen.

Now for what my husband has been waiting for – news of our boys arrival at home and their progress to date.

Part 1- On Sunday, July 24th we brought home Nathan Lee and Hudson Lars.  The NICU nurse said “no returns” so of course, Hudson had a terrible night, his temperature dropped and he wasn’t eating well.  I called the NICU for advice and they had us take his temp, bundle him up, and then take his temp an hour later.  It hadn’t come up enough so we loaded them both in the car and took Hudson back.  The doctors and nurses were reassuring that he didn’t look like he was in distress but they wanted to keep him to run tests, get him into the warming isolate, and possibly give him antibiotics.  So clearly their return policy is not as black and white as they say.  I did however inquire about some of the girls in the NICU and they were emphatic about no exchanges.

So we went home with the youngest and biggest Nathan Lee, and for a few days he got to experience being the “only” baby.  I think he enjoyed it, lots of sleeping and eating.  We spent the time attempting to stock our energy stores for the additions of his brothers in the coming days.

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Part 2- On Thursday, July 28th Cooper was given the green light to come home as well.  He had not had any more sleep episodes and was putting on weight like a champ.  So we left Nathan in my mother’s trusty hands and piled back in the mini-van to bring home number two.  On our way out we stopped in to show my doctors the results of their wonderful work.  Dr. Shevell had gone several times to feed and visit the boys in the NICU and she was especially pleased to see them doing so well. Home with two, its not so bad when they don’t out number you.  By “not so bad” I mean of course we’re not sleeping and no one can think straight but its manageable mayhem.

Part 3- On Monday, August 1st, on their two week birthday we had all three triplets healthy and at home. It was a happy and little bit sad day for me with my mom returning to Minnesota for a month.  Fortunately, we had two other wonderful volunteers waiting in the wings.  Grandparent NICU Prep School definitely paid off and both John and Dot were on deck.  They have handled lots of late night feedings and keeping the SS Coblentz afloat all week.  Once Hudson was home Fletcher gladly stepped into his role as big brother.  He likes to check on them regularly and is the handwashing police so that no one goes near his brothers without washing their hands first.

TripleWide Swagger Wagon

Its very likely that Eddie and I will end up in similar jackets in a few years

Since coming home all four boys have had check ups and all are completely healthy.  Now we just have to keep them that way and keep track of who’s who.  We’ve already assigned them colors and painted their toe nails.  Mostly Fletch is the only one who seems to know who is who without having to see their feet.


6 thoughts on “Homecoming Pts. 1, 2, and 3

  1. Thank you for the update, and thanks to your Mom and everyone helping you. Now don’t be lifting any more car seats etc. Wishing you, Eddie and the boys the best.

  2. Donna L. Ruppenthal says:

    Eddie and Airika… these little guys are amazing! Fletcher is such a handsome lad… I love reading everything you have written.. I just wish I lived closer so I could help out also.. donna and butch ruppenthal

  3. Lois Walker says:

    Airika, Eddie and Fletch, it is so much fun to see you new boys. I’m sure Fletch will be a wonderful big brother. The kids here are wondering how come he gets to have 3 babies. Somehow they don’t think it’s fair. Tell Fletch we loved his birthday pictures. Is he coming to MN this summer still? Remind your Mom to come visit with him if he’s here.

    Roger & Lois

  4. Kristine says:

    Thanks for making the time to keep us all up to date! It is certainly more than I could ever imagine! Still bringing tears of happiness to my eyes with each update : ) I have not excuse for being so MIA……
    Our furniture is being delivered tonight or tomorrow morning, so we will begin to be more organized very soon!!
    Happy belated bday to the adorable Fletch!! What a good big brother.

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