Not about three…

All about one…

Last Sunday, July 31st was Fletch’s 4th Birthday.  It wasn’t quite as festive as his previous three birthdays, but we fit as much attention and love into 2.5 hours as we could.  Since we really weren’t up for the “block” party he requested, instead we had a day of Fletch requests starting with Banana Bread for Breakfast and ending with Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake.  He continues to be a very lucky little boy with lots of people who love him dearly and spoil him severely.  Despite Momma and Poppa’s best efforts to wow him with a Big Boy Bike he was most impressed by his new collection of rubber lizards, snakes and frogs.  (I’m writing this down so perhaps I’ll remember the next time around, little kids are most often pleased by the simplest of gifts, like the cardboard box the present you spent hours shopping for came in.)

Eddie and I have our fingers crossed that our new trio turns out half as well behaved and loving as Fletch.  If they do we’re in for a smooth ride…most of the time.


3 thoughts on “Not about three…

  1. Lynne Gruber says:

    It looks so “normal”! You are doing a wonderful job! The trio will be as great as Fletch! Thanks for the pictures! Hugs to all! Aunt Lynne

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