Lean On Me

Since the boys out number us we are teaching them young to depend on their brothers for support….literally.

Seems like Hudson knows something I don't

To the left

Okay everybody up

And to the right


13 thoughts on “Lean On Me

  1. ecoblentz says:

    I’m biased as hell, but I love these pics! Now CC Sabathia needs to shut the door so we can go home! Love you all.

  2. Kristine says:

    Oh, these are just great. Thanks again for making time for blogging and photos, I really love seeing this! I am going to be in NYC Sept 21st for work!! Perhaps I can come and see you, will call when I return from Netherlands to discuss. Be back first w/o August!!
    Kisses to all 4 handsome guys, ok 5 : )

    • Kathleen Yale says:

      They are beginnining to look diff- not sure i can tell them apart but bet
      you all can! They are gainging wt. beautifully & actually look pudgy!
      How adorable & what a Mom you are, Airiks- handling it all!!! Love A. Kay

  3. Linda Pashman says:

    Your sense of humor continues to amaze us…hysterical. Any chance we could get those name tags on then…you know…”hello, my name is…”

  4. Judy says:

    I’m loving these photos but don’t know how you find time to do them. I’m delighted to see the boys growing so quickly – have they been assigned positions on the team yet? Happy Birthday, Leanna!

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