An Ode to Momma

Please forgive the temporary pinch-hitting appearance, as I have no delusions of grandeur regarding competing with Airika’s past posts. I too have enjoyed Airika’s comments and pictures to the point of pestering her re: authoring new posts. The blog serves as a valuable resource to update family, friends and acquaintances who have been amazingly supportive during this time of extreme transition.

You may be wondering, at this point, why I’m risking potential dilution of this valuable space (and your time). No worries, Airika and the boys are all doing just fine. Cooper, Hudson and Nathan are growing fast and now look amazingly similar to Fletch at that stage. Fletch is definitely expressing himself in a more defiant manner (as we all expected), but his occasional ire is disproportionately focused towards his main disciplinarian (Airika) since I’m not around much of the time.

To answer the question, I’m writing in an attempt to express my gratitude and awe at how Airika manages to handle the unreasonable amount of responsibility placed on her shoulders with extraordinary fortitude and care. I’m often asked how I am holding up, and I can’t help but recall how it’s Airika who’s the one truly handling the needs of FIVE boys (yep – I’m lumping myself in that crew) while living in the movie “Groundhog Day”. Her days are literally photocopies of the day before dictated by the necessity of keeping Cooper, Hudson and Nathan on a specific schedule.

It doesn’t require an advanced degree to understand why God chose women to nurture children through all stages of life. I would’ve wilted into my own fetal position long ago. After all, how does any woman manage to unselfishly back burner a successful career, withstand the trials of a triplet pregnancy and delivery, attempt to recover some sense of physical and emotional normalcy after major surgery, while feeding triplets, continuously pump in preparation for future infant feasts (which requires overnight sessions) while simultaneously caring for a four-year-old, husband, house and visitors? I am literally unable to adequately articulate how Airika is doing it. She’s the only one capable of providing all of us with insight on this front. I guess that’s at least part of the reason we enjoy the blog posts as much as we do.

Air, we happen to agree that “things happen for a reason”. We also agree that we haven’t a freakin’ clue as to what that reason may be. I often joke by mentioning you by the nickname “The General”. Well, this crew of testosterone NEEDS every ounce of your leadership, and direction. I can’t promise we’ll figure out a way to properly express our collective appreciation, but I can promise to play a role in shaping our boys in a way that reflects all the wonderful characteristics you embody on a daily basis.

We love you.

(Now back to your regularly scheduled author)


10 thoughts on “An Ode to Momma

  1. Adam says:


    You are right, it has been long over due for you to articulate (pretty well, I might add) your gratitude for your wife and mother of your children, Airika. Yet, you nailed it all on the head. Kudos!! You’re not that bad yourself.

  2. LeeAnne Watkins says:

    This comes as no surprise for me – Airika is simply fabulous, I’ve no doubt she is capable of anything she wants to do –

    Love to all 5 of you, from me and your Minnesota church home!

    LeeAnne, St Mary’s

  3. Danese Donaldson-Theisen says:

    I can only say, Eddie, that knowing your mother as I do, I am sure Airika has a lot of ‘Dorathea’ in her. Your mom is the only person I’ve ever known who could juggle everything she did and still continues to do. When I nominated her for Outstanding Alumni of HHS several years back, everyone I spoke with, including her college chums, her friends in NJ while raising you boys; her ability to entertain to the inth degree (of course, Evelyn Henshaw was looking over her shoulder and guiding her); well, I continue to be amazed at all she accomplished, and all the time just going right along as if what she was accomplishing was completely effortless for her (it probably was); the rest of us would have called every Agency in NJ for assistance. So I’m guessing you saw a lot of your Mom in Airika and that is why you chose her.

  4. Donna L. Ruppenthal says:

    You are a pretty good pinch-hitter! As I told your Mother, I really wish I lived closer and not so far away! Little boys are adorable and you have 4 of them and a totally awesome, beautiful wife! I’ve shared the blogs with my sisters and they look forward to reading about your little guys.. I do hope the baseball bats may have to put them on a top shelf so they don’t konk each other over the head!

    Thanks for keeping us ‘in the loop’..donna

  5. Judy Pennacchio says:

    Eddie, this is a BEAUTIFUL blog, I was thrilled that Scott sent this to me! Airika is AMAZING! You are both doing such a wonderful job and knowing you as I do Eddie, I wouldn’t expect anything less! Love to you, Airika, Fletch and the three little ones. Oh, and one last thing……”GO YANKEES”……………WOOHOO!

  6. Rich Carroll says:


    How amazing! What a wonderful story to tell and what a keepsake this journal will be! Enjoy the journey…they grow really really fast!

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