Believe it or Not!

We may not have earned our way into the Guinness Book of World Records but I was pretty impressed with us.  Took the whole family to Jones Farm last weekend to pick out a pumpkin.  This was our first public outing more than a quarter of a mile from our home.  We survived the whole lovely day with no tantrums or public displays of bad parenting.  Thankfully our lovely friend Katie shared her weekend with us otherwise the whole trip and this photo would not have been possible. 

Pumpkin Picking with the entire circus!



3 thoughts on “Believe it or Not!

    • Kathleen Yale says:

      What a lucky pumpkin patch!!! That photo should be enlarged for posterity!
      Now that the Yankees lost, I hope Eddie has a bit more free time! Maybe we’ll
      get to see you at Dot & Johns’ day after Thanksgiving? Love to all. A. Kay

  1. Lois Walker says:

    You are amazing. It must be an event to get out with all 5 of you. I’m glad Eddie’s season is over and he can be home a little more often. I am in awe seeing everyone looking happy and healthy — it’s quite the accomplishment. What’s Fletch going to be for Halloween? Are you going to have a Halloween party?

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