3 months! Holy Buckets!

I cannot believe that the triplets are three months old.  Perhaps it’s because I’m still eating donuts with the same reckless abandon as the Friday before they were born when Dr. Shevell released me from by diabetic diet.  Or maybe its because the total number of hours I’ve slept only adds up to the total I would normally reach in one month rather than three.  Either way the time has gone quickly and our boys are growing fast.  They won’t visit the doctor until next month so no updates on size but definitely getting bigger.

They just jumped from eating every three hours to every four.  Every time I think about it I hear the Aladdin soundtrack…”A whole new world…”  Do you realize how many things you can do in two hours instead of one?  I don’t because the list of possibilities and necessities is so long, I get lost in contemplation and waste a good deal of my time.  However, when I do finally get around to doing, it’s definitely a lot more time.

Fletch is adjusting well and continues to work on forgiving me.  When I told him his brothers were three months old today he said “And I’m still four.”  He was cheered when we discussed that in fact he is four years, two months, and two weeks.   These days he is our little patriot and performer, if he’s not saying the Pledge of Allegiance (see link below) he’s singing the Addam’s Family theme song.


Below is 1) my not favorite picture which was actually taken today and 2) my favorite recent photo of the three of them.

Happy 3 months to my 3 lovelies!


One thought on “3 months! Holy Buckets!

  1. Kathleen Yale says:

    How adorable they are!!!! Just looking, I want to squeeze them!!
    You are wonderful keeping in touch!! Can’t wait to meet them in person!!
    If we don’t get to see you in Saddle R, we’ll have to see you all at your
    house!Calif. Yales are all flying east for a wk at Thanksgiving. haven’t talked \to Dot but did get John maybe 2 wks. ago & caught up on news. Love, A Kay

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