Rake, Carve, and Be Scary

This Sunday we managed a relatively “ordinary” October family day.  The triplets blessed us with a really solid nap from 8 to 11 am and Eddie and I were wise enough to get our bums out of bed and into the yard.  Fletcher, who has recently decided that getting dressed (an activity he used to do without even being asked) is now a “chore” worthy of a smiley face and requiring immense parent involvement, even blessed us with his assistance.  Of course he spent the whole morning in his PJs because we didn’t want to waste precious napping moments supervising underwear selection.

We succeeded in clearing a good portion of our yard, which is now covered all over again.  Once the project was complete we tackled pumpkin carving.  I drew out a first draft which Fletch felt was way too happy.  He suggested I add vampire teeth and make it more SCARY.  And for those of you who think Fletcher looks just like Eddie, don’t worry there’s a lot of me in there too.  I was explaining what we were going to do with the pumpkin and I used the neighbor’s pumpkin as an example of a Jack-o-Lantern.  He said “yeah but ours is going to be better.”  I tried to explain it wasn’t a competition but I’m afraid I wasn’t very convincing.  Our final product was deemed quite successful and fun was had by all…immediately followed by a mad dash to wash our hands, heat bottles, and change diapers.

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