I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

I’d really like to take credit for this idea but it was entirely Fletcher’s.  This year he wanted to be the…



And his brothers were the three little pigs…

Or as one neighbor thought…Pigs in Blankets…

I was in hog heaven with all my boys in costume.

Eddie and I even got in on the fun.  Its too cold here for Mr. Clean, so Eddie did his best Uncle Fester imitation.

And since my life is a circus…

Fairfield is Halloween Heaven but the rest of the photos and all the scary details will have to wait until I’ve recuperated.



10 thoughts on “I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

  1. Ellen says:

    Those are the cutest costumes ever – even Ed & you! Great idea and am trying to figure out how to share the pic of the 4 boys with my friends…..it’s priceless and so clever! Hugs & love

  2. Kathleen Yale says:

    LOVED the big bad wolf (Fletcher) & the 3 little pigs!
    How clever you all are! Eddie withe the light bulb took the cake!
    Just got power back after none for 10 days! Love, A. Kay

  3. Airika,

    These are precious! Fletch is brilliant to have had this idea. Given Eddie and your costumes, I have a feeling I know where his brilliance comes from. So happy to see how well you all are doing! We miss you!


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