Obscure how-tos and other inefficiencies, part I

How to Make Your Bed with Triplets

(I would like to note that no matter how long said tutorials state for project time its important to share that they don’t really know because how can you really know how long it took to do something when you’re stopping every few steps to take a picture.  However, I can confidently say even with said picture taking, making your bed with triplets in tow, is still the longest way through a quick project.)

Step 1-Find yourself alone in a house with two of three crying babies.

Step 2-Feel compelled to complete some, even if mostly trivial, task for the day.

Step 3- Bring one crying baby up stairs and place squarely in center of bed surrounded by pillows.

Step 4- Quickly retrieve baby 2 and bring to bed at lightning speed because even though you know baby 1 is incapable of rolling there is a tiny voice in your head screaming “what if he chooses now to learn??????”

Step 5- Remove sheets.

Step 6- Stop and think this won’t be too bad, just as the third brother wakes up and decides to join the fun.

Step 7- Surround upstairs babies with pillows and dash downstairs for third. Add him to the crew.

Step 8- Place fitted sheet on bottom of bed. Pull up next to first baby.

Step 9- Place first baby on clean fitted sheet. Pull fitted up to second baby.

Step 10- Place second baby on fitted sheet. (Let’s not call it exactly clean any more because there’s no

escaping a little drool.) Pull sheet up to third baby.

Step 11- Place third baby on fitted sheet and pull up over top corners on the bed.

Step 12- Start process over with flat sheet. Tuck sheet into bottom of bed and cover up all the babies and pretend like you’re done.

Step 13- Place first baby on flat sheet and pull up to second.

Step 14- Place second baby on flat sheet and pull up to third.

Step 15- Place third baby on flat sheet and pull taut at top of bed.

Step 16- Put on pillowcases.

Step 17- Start with comforter.  Tuck into bottom and fold up to first baby.

Step 18- Place first baby on comforter and squish next to second baby.

Step 19- Place second baby next to first and squish comforter next to third.

Step 20- Place third baby on comforter and pull flat at top.  Thankfully our

babies are too heavy so its easy to pull the sheets and comforter around underneath them.

Step 21- Place all pillows at top of bed.

Step 22- Congratulate yourself on the cutest bed ever made! Spend the rest of your day trying to learn how to properly format a blog post with lots of photos. Give up and cuddle with your babies.


5 thoughts on “Obscure how-tos and other inefficiencies, part I

  1. We loved this story. We think of you often-and wonder how you get anything at all done. This explains even the easiest of tasks-LOL. Thanks for sharing! Love you all ~

  2. The Godfather says:

    21 Steps?!?! Maybe 21 for you, Air. But seems like one step for Eddie.

    Step 1) Have Airika make the bed. Done.

    Way to go Pants! You’re a man after my own heart…

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