Daily Fix 2.8.12

Recently, several people have asked about the babies’ personalities.  I can’t say that Nathan is Giggly Spice and Hudson is Cuddly Spice but I will say Cooper has had a few choice moments lately.  First, after several “watch me pee” free weeks, Cooper waited until I was cocky enough to change him and Nathan at the same time in one of the cribs.  He also picked the night after all the crib sheets and mattress covers had been changed and the day before the replacements were washed.  This made for a fun bed time.  Then yesterday he acted like he could wait to eat so that I could feed his brothers first rather than the usual “one for you, one for you, and one for you” method.  This rouse was carefully planned so he would have time to pull his bowl to him, flip it over, and smear it all over himself and the table.  Please don’t think I am so foolish as to get my feathers ruffled by a little mess, my days are defined on a scale of messiness.  The troublesome part was that his bowl was the last of the thawed out baby food, which meant our only option that would take less than 20 minutes was avocados.  He does not like avocados so I spent the next 15 minutes in a losing negotiation before Cooper got an extra bottle.


6 thoughts on “Daily Fix 2.8.12

  1. kristine says:

    How does it feel to be the apple of so many men’s eyes??? They look at you in these videos with so much love, it’s awesome!

  2. Cheryl Brindle (classmate of Dot & Donna) says:

    They are all adorable and sweet as can be. What I’d like to know is…..how on earth do you get time to sit and blog?

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