a nice little Saturday planned

Though most of our family time does consist of taking shifts and running errands we did manage to have an eventful weekend.  Saturday Cooper, Hudson, and Nathan celebrated 7 months by spending the day with a babysitter.  No pizza and a movie, but I think they enjoyed eating asparagus more from her then they do from me.  Prior to their adventures in babysitting they did a little deep sea diving…

Meanwhile, we pretended to be one of those super hip, organized families and took Fletch to the Big City to see his first Broadway Show.  We all enjoyed the Lion King.  I would say that Eddie and I liked it even more through the eyes of a four year old and Fletch was totally enamored by the hyenas.  He was not so enamored by the length of NYC blocks but he was a trooper even in the rain.  Afterwards, we shared a very nice dinner.  At least I think it was nice, my system is so accustomed to having less than 15 minutes to eat that I can’t be sure if it was truly delicious or just that I had plenty of time to eat it.  Fletcher listened intently as the waiter described the tiramisu, berry and gelato bowl, berry tartlet, sorbet, and apple tart.  He then promptly decided “I will have all of them.”  Not quite but he did eat all of his, a good portion of mine, and a bite of Eddie’s.  It was a great day with our little man.

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On Sunday, we received wonderful news.  Team Coblentz welcomed it’s newest member, Joshua Aasen Coblentz at 8.2lbs and 19 inches.  We piled all the boys in the car and headed to Hoboken.  Aunt Hannah and Uncle Jay introduced us to the little guy and all of our boys were happy to have the rookie addition just in time for spring training.

The holiday weekend (though apparently not for the Yankees) was topped off by a delightful visit with our good friends Dan, Janie, and Becky.  Eddie missed all the fun, so I had to begin our campaign to woo Becky for one of our boys on my own.  Fletcher had his own plans and asked Becky to join him in the “dark closet” so he could show her his glow in the dark toy.  The Pashman’s were rightfully concerned.


5 thoughts on “a nice little Saturday planned

  1. Donna Ruppenthal says:

    Thank you Airika for including us in the updates.. the deep sea divers looked like they had fun and Fletcher is so precious..love the picture of Eddie and Fletcher at the stadium!

  2. Lois Walker says:

    Fletch looked so adorable. What a nice treat for the three of you. I love his response for dessert. The little guys were adorable in their goggles. Where did you find the babysitter? Must be someone who knows multiples or knows you guys well. Thanks for the update.

    • Isabel Pestronk says:

      Congratulations to all the Coblentz family on the latest addition! Just love hearing stories about ALL those adorable boys! Xox

  3. You guys never cease to amaze me! How special that you planned a wonderful day in NYC for big brother, Fletch. We all loved the slide show-you all look great!

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