Spring training has begun and the boys at the Coblentz household are excited.  They have been training very hard and so far we have some standouts in a couple of areas.  Hudson is the winner of the Race to Nowhere, he crawls backwards faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.  He does a lot of sitting on his knees rocking back and forth as well.  I’m tempted to gently knock him over to prevent this from becoming real crawling but so far I have resisted the urge.  Cooper is the sit and stare master, so far he’s up to 19 seconds unassisted.  Apparently, this is exhausting work because he just can’t seem to eat enough (he’s the one chewing on his crib).  And my personal favorite exercise, Nathan is the reigning champion of naps.  He goes down quickly, rarely wakes up and is usually the last one sleeping.  Our big leaguer, Fletch is becoming an all-star big brother.  He’s always ready to prop a bottle or do a little jig to entertain his brothers.  He’s also started helping with more chores around the house.  Of course bed making backfired on me very quickly, after just one day of completing his own, Fletch observed “Momma you didn’t make your bed.”  Now I have to get my act together as well.

Thanks to Eddie’s wonderful coworkers the little boys got their first tour of the stadium.  Everyone was wonderfully welcoming and eager to help feed the boys so we had plenty of help.  For a bunch of rookies they did a great job.  Mind you no one stepped up to the diaper changing plate, but that really would have been above and beyond.

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3 thoughts on “Lollygaggers

  1. The Godfather says:

    Absolutely adorable… The ONLY thing that could make these pictures cuter is if they were all wearing Red Sox gear!

    I wonder if there’s a polar opposite couple out there somewhere living in Boston who has triplets, all girls, and constantly dresses them in Sox outfits. I’m gonna look when I have time. that would be great.

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