To those of you who caught on, to those of you who played along, and to those of you who we pulled one over on, THANK YOU!   You made this year’s April Fool’s Day one for the record books.  I’m going to put this one right up there with “Good Morning, there are donuts in the kitchen”, “Eddie, I’m staying in Kosovo for a year”, and “Mom, I think I broke my leg.”

Just to be clear we are NOT having another baby.  We love our big boy and babies to pieces but we have more than our hands full.  Also, I think it should also be noted that my sweet, innocent husband enjoyed today’s good times as much as I did.  


3 thoughts on “THANK YOU!!!

  1. joelle malec says:

    Didn’t comment ’cause I wasn’t sure whether to say CONGRATS! Or April’s Fools? You and Eddie have an evil sense of humour, thanks for the giggles….

    • Cheryl Brindle (classmate of Dot & Donna) says:

      Enjoy reading all your adventures and I love the ‘triplettkett’ dining table. Bet it works GREAT too !!! (keep photos & adventures coming)

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