No Peeps

We did it!  Normally I would be a little embarrassed to admit that it is considered an accomplishment for us to get to church but not anymore.  I’m giving us all a big pat on the back for getting gussied up, arriving on time, and managing a relatively long church service without a single peep.  It didn’t hurt that we had three adults to manage the little ones and our buddy Ella to demonstrate proper church behavior for Fletch.  The boys did play drop the toy and pacifier to see how many times we would all bend down to retrieve them.  Nathan was intrigued by all the lovely colored windows, Cooper was determined to rip out my earrings, and little Hudson spent the sermon flirting with the 10 year old in front of us (she all but asked for his digits when we left.)  All in all it was a joyous morning.


Happy Easter

More Easter news and pictures coming soon.

Happy Easter!!


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