Our lives are never normal but last weekend, for a brief moment, our lives were transformed from circus sideshow poster to a Norman Rockwell painting.  Easter came at that perfect moment of spring where its not hot but not too cold, where green buds are out but the flowers haven’t fallen, and where I’ve done enough spring cleaning to feel good about our house but not so much that I don’t want any one to move.  Similarly, our triplets are at that perfect stage where they can play on the floor with toys and scoot around but can’t yet move fast enough that I’m dizzy from having my head on a swivel.  So its quite fitting that this year we had a nearly picture perfect (though there’s just too many of us to get in one picture) holiday.

To start our holy week, my Mom arrived to take care of us and let the festivities begin. On Tuesday, with Fletcher off at school and Karen here to help with the little boys, Mom and I endeavored in some advanced egg dyeing, the kind for people with attention spans longer than 10 minutes.  Wednesday we took Fletch to Mystic Aquarium for our holiday week adventure.  Thursday we took it easy because too much fun resulted in an upset stomach over night.  And then there was Friday!  We kicked off our Good Friday with the biggest (and only) neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt I have ever witnessed.  There were a good forty children and their parents gathered in our driveway by 10:30 am.  It was fantastic!  The mayhem spilled into the afternoon with five of Fletch’s buddies joining us for (short attention span) egg dyeing.  Things rapidly evolved into boys playing Spider Man and girls doting over babies.  Fletcher was delighted to have a play date at his house for once (he tells me frequently he “never” gets to have friends at his house.)  Saturday was our nature day with birdwatching at the beach in the morning and with the whole family at the Audubon Sanctuary in the afternoon.  Despite several late night shout-outs from the boys, we all pulled our selves up by the bootstraps and got ourselves to church.  The Easter Bunny came by in the afternoon and gave Fletcher (who looks for things just like his father) a run for his money.  At last he found the egg path, which did indeed lead to something cool and this year’s baskets met with his approval for himself and his brothers.  I cooked (yet another seasonal miracle) and we had a yummy brunch, followed by father and son baseball in the yard.

Whew! Thank goodness we’ll be traveling for Memorial Day Weekend, I don’t think I can take any more holidays for a while.

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2 thoughts on “Easterpolooza

  1. Leanna Povlinski says:

    Great job Airika! The slide show captures it all.
    It was an Easter I will never forget.
    Thanks for letting me part of the festivity.

    You are my something beautiful.

    Love Mom

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