Freaky Friday

Since its Friday the 13th, I thought we’d see how well you do with a little baby mix up.  Below are numbered pictures of the boys, please send comments or emails with your guesses as to who’s who.  No prizes but giant props to any one who bats over .500.







#7, #8, #9 Too bad I couldn't get Fletch to look my way


And lest I forget, today is Opening Day.  Go Yankees!  We’ll work on the National Anthem for next year.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. EdP says:

    Okay, here we go………1=Nathan, 2=Cooper, 3=Hudson, 4=Cooper, 5=Nathan, 6=Nathan (Tried to trip us up, eh?) 7=Nathan, Fletcher, Hudson, Cooper and last but not least.10=Hudson. Love you all. Ed

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