Lloyd Dobler

You’re probably all expecting/hoping to see pictures of the boys commemorating their 9 month birthday….too bad!  Today is all about me!  Me, my obsession and my possible 15 seconds of fame.  My very thoughtful husband scoured Twitter for the perfect way to help me “step away” from the everyday tribulations of our always lovely but ever demanding children.  He found it, a CenterStage live interview with John Cusack (or as I will always think of him, Lloyd Dobler).

John was effortlessly cool, slightly sarcastic, seemingly genuine, and taller than expected.  I got to sit front row while he talked about his new movie The Raven, as well as all my favorites like Say Anything, Better Off Dead, High Fidelity, and Grosse Pointe Blank.  Not to worry I was cool, calm, and collected.  I did not throw myself at the stage, wink seductively (maybe I should have), or wave like a bloody idiot (I have done this before to another celebrity).  There was brief moment where he put his hand in his hair and it went all Something About Mary, nobody told him and I really wanted to start patting my hair helpfully, but I didn’t.  At the segment break someone backstage said “Johnny, just fix your hair!” I really want to know how you get to be someone who can call John Cusack, Johnny.  The interview didn’t have any big surprises but I was disappointed to hear that unlike his character, Rob, in High Fidelity, he is “not a big list guy.”  Since I am, I will give you my Top Five Reasons Today was Fantastic:

1. John Cusack was as much like “someone I would like to hang out with” live, as he is in all my “people I would be friends with if I was famous” fantasies.

2. I didn’t embarrass myself or pass up the opportunity to be on TV.  Check your listings I should be in the closing credits of the John Cusack episode, on the YES Network, I’m guessing it will be on next week sometime before the movie opens.

3. I finally came up with a good reason to join Twitter @JohnCusack.

4. My very confident husband was happier about my excitement than he was worried about my clear adoration for this famous man.

5. I was not one of the many enthusiastic Spring Break Moms schlepping strollers and over-stuffed bags from ToysRus and American Girl on the train.  For one sweet commute I was one of the child-free riders leisurely enjoying my IPod.

I made Eddie sit behind me so that John would think I was "available"-hah!

In case you are wondering, I’m home with the boys, I didn’t run away with him.  If he had asked, I might have thought about it, but I’m already surrounded by my dream men.


3 thoughts on “Lloyd Dobler

  1. Linda Pashman says:

    I am totally jealous. John Cusack is one of my all time favorites…grosse Pointe Blank, Midnight in the Garden…OMG!

  2. sean fruth says:

    HA! Thats funny!! And what a great pic it is. Im happy to hear that you made Ed sit behind you Its funny because well, it is and it makes the picture less creepy as if you were trying to take that picture yourself.

    Nice job Edward!!!!

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