3² months

The boys are on the go.  They are still reaching and pulling but there’s even more time on their knees and on their hands and toes.  They can also sit up from laying down.  Their commando crawl is taking them off road occasionally they are going over toys and each other and steamrolling whatever is in the way when they want something.

All three are moving towards just two naps which is exciting but challenging.  This is especially so during Yankee home games, its not so easy being down one adult and having three more children up.  Maybe I’ll teach them how to cook so I can catch Wheel of Fortune.  Since the weather has warmed up we’ve worked in a few tropical fruits and they are now eating pineapples and mangos.

I picked up a superyard last week so now the boys are more contained and also on the go, watch out front yard here we come.

I haven’t gotten them in the chair this week (too much celebrity oogling), so please bear with the week old photo of them plotting to use their alphabet blocks to build their way over the gate.

"busted, alright stay calm"

"just smile and she won't suspect a thing"



3 thoughts on “3² months

  1. Nancy Mayfield says:

    I’m also a friend of Lynne’s (and a next door neighbor growning up), and I have been checking the website ever since she told us about it. All of your children are beautiful and, although I can’t imagine how you do it every day, I certainly admire your sense of humor. I love getting my “baby fix” when I check out the latest pictures and read your blog. Your husband’s addition to the blog when they were very little put a soft spot in my heart for him, and I don’t even know him! You are a great family, and I think you will love telling stories even more when they are all grown! Bless you all!
    Nancy in MD

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