Three on Three

Like an eclipse or an albino alligator, triplets are pretty rare, but two sets of all boy triplets born exactly three months apart, even rarer (I have only anecdotal evidence for this claim, I’ve seen an eclipse and an albino alligator but this was my first double triple).  This weekend we met the triplets’ new best friends Colin, Brayden, and Graham for the first time.  (Of course they will be best friends, who else will know exactly what they are going through.)  If you’re not impressed at the coincidence, it gets better.  Eddie and I were both in the same year at G-Town with the Gallagher triplets father and Eddie and Jim played football together.

We had a wonderful time at the Gallagher Guys 1st birthday, Nora set the bar high for our upcoming birthdays.  We endeavored to take a picture of this rare gathering, however, the results are less than stellar, at least you can tell there are six boys.

the set up

the escape

good enough


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