Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (please channel David Bowie as you pronounce)

Lots has gone on since my last post.  Shortly after reporting out, I walked into a pre-nap noise-fest to find Cooper standing tall, waist above the rail.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t address this immediately because Hudson had pulled the cord for his monitor into his crib and was playing with it.  After removing the danger, I bunked Cooper and Hudson together while I dropped the mattress.  Of course, it couldn’t be that simple, both of the wings on one of the wingnuts broke off, so I had to break out the entire tool box.  I like my tool box a lot better when its not nap time.  To commemorate their latest milestones, I’ve moved all of the furniture in their nursery as well as our living room.  The next step is fully padded walls and perhaps a straightjacket for me.

Houston, we have a problem!

Thursday, we visited the Dr. for the boys’ 9 month check-up and shots.  The boys are growing but they’ve dropped a weight class (their percentage is lower) since our last visit.  This is most likely because they’ve started moving around so much.  Since, I would like to be the one dropping a weight class, maybe they should start eating Golden Double Stuff Oreos and I’ll try the blended sweet potatoes and broccoli. I digress.  I’m not sure I posted their 6 month stats so here’s the side by side for the last three months:

___________Cooper__________Hudson_________ Nathan

6 Months          14.8 lbs/25 1/2  in      14.3 lbs/25 1/4  in        15.4 lbs/25 3/4 in

9 Months          16.5 lbs/27 3/4 in       15.13 lbs/27 1/2 in       16.12lbs/28 1/2 in

Our Dr. reported that he could see their teeth coming in, I have yet to see or feel them but it would definitely explain some of the meltdowns (theirs not mine).  Either way I’m glad the teeth are on the way, it will make their recent transition to carnivorousness much easier.  That’s right we’ve started them on white slime, the chicken equivalent of pink slime, except I know what’s in it.

In addition to all this, Hudson did some legit crawling this morning.  He was off his belly and shuffling those knees.  We’ll have to wait and see when his brothers catch on.

Heave Ho!

We weren't doing anything!


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