Proof of Walk

We did it!  I may indeed take a disproportionate amount of pride when we manage small outings but its all about baby steps, right?  Saturday, we got ourselves to the March of Dimes March for Babies, on time.  2.5 miles doesn’t sound like much but I’ve decided that just like the wind or hills, you have to consider the “child factor” when you think about the arduousness of your course.  We were at level 4 children!  Thankfully the morning was crying free so there were no unexpected obstacles.

The focus is off on this last one but I wanted to make sure that you didn’t think we just loaded the boys into the stroller and shot some photos.  Please note the balloon and folks in the background, we did actually walk.

Thank you again to everyone who supported Christian’s Team (I have some photos to catch up on).  The Morrises have been so supportive, making us food and taking Fletch for weekly playdates, it was wonderful to participate in something important to them.


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