Uncle, we give up, throw in the towel, run up the white flag, the last week and a half gave us lemons and we’re taking our lemonade to go.

It started last weekend, Cooper got his first tooth on Saturday, May 12th and I was feeling a little under the weather. By Thursday, Nathan had an ear infection and pneumonia and everyone else was not far behind. Friday brought ear infections for Cooper and Hudson and more sinus madness for me. Over the weekend, Nathan got his first tooth and Fletcher came down with bronchitis.

Call it running away, I call it escaping, either way we threw all our junk in the car and got out of dodge. We pulled out of our driveway at 7:40 pm and pulled into Lake Harmony, PA at 10:45 last night. With any luck we’ll be in Minnesota before the boys get their molars.

They say ” go West young man,” I’ll let you know how it works out for us. I’ll also work on better photos since you’re having to listen to me whine about our ailments.




4 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. Leanna Povlinski says:

    Whatever the reason for your escape can’t wait until you all get here. Safe travels- See you all SOON!.


  2. Dot Coblentz says:

    It was hard to see you go but know you will get the greatest welcome on the other end. Thanks for letting me share some of the last few days with you all. For me, that was “the trip” before THE Trip! Travel safely. God Bless and Happy Anniversary!
    Love, Grandma Dot

  3. Donna Ruppenthal says:

    Dorathea told us about the little guys not feeling so well…..I know what it was like when 1 got a new tooth, ear infection, etc. you will have to be very tough because it will be times 3… hopefully you will get a break soon.. with my guys, everytime they cut a new tooth, they also had a bad runny nose. good luck.. we loved the pictures Nanny showed us.. xo xo xo to all..

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