Minnesota is for the Birds

No we’re not tired of it already.  Literally, on of the reason’s we love MN is the birds.  In addition to the crazy amount of love and attention the boys get here, there’s also amazing wildlife to be seen.  This weekend, we added a few more great birds to our list:




  1. Brown Thrasher
  2. Scarlet Tanager
  3. Swamp Swallow
  4. Guinea Hens
  5. Green Heron
  6. Northern Flicker
  7. Eastern Phoebe
  8. Grey Catbird
  9. Black Turn
  10. Wood Ducks

While we were all looking up, Fletcher found the prize of the day.  Our little nature man found two unhatched turtle eggs.  They were very cool and most importantly they kept him occupied while the little guys dined al fresco.  Our adventure was not without its perils, Fletch picked up two ticks.  He had one on his shoulder and one in his shorts alla Stand By Me.  My first instinct was to strip them all down in the woods for inspection.  Cooler heads prevailed and we did baths and  thorough tick checks when we arrived home.

Later in the day, the handsome and sweet McKeon paid us a visit.  Fletcher gave him and off-road tour of the backyard and gave us all a glimpse of the trouble we are in for as they get older.

More to come as our “summering” in MN continues.

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Fletcher’s new thing is taking pictures of people, thus, lots of super close up shots.


3 thoughts on “Minnesota is for the Birds

  1. Leanna Povlinski says:

    It was a wonderful day! I thought the best part of Fletcher finding the turtle eggs was that he knew if he took them home the baby turtles would not have a mom and dad. So he quickly put them back and covered them gently. Good Kid!

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