Since the boys and I are MIA this Father’s Day, I’ve decided to catch up on posting some photos and news on the boys, in hopes of making it up to him.  Please don’t worry too much about Eddie, he is spending the day playing golf with his father, something fatherhood has left him little time for recently.  Hopefully, he’s “letting” his dad win, just like his boys would “let” him.

Everyone is loving the Minnesota weather.  92 one day and 68 the next, sun shining at the start of your dog walk and rain pouring the whole way back.

We’re all picking up new tricks this summer.  Fletcher is learning the biological classification of the local zoo animals and becoming a card shark.  I am learning at least half a dozen ways to get from Shoreview to St. Paul without using my GPS and trying hard not to stop at every garage sale along the way.  Cooper is trying out his skills as the enforcer, this includes pushing, pinning, and extracting toys from his brothers.  Hudson is mastering the zerbert and I swear once he blew me a kiss.  Nathan is masquerading as the silent type but wait until you leave the room he’ll be pulling books into his crib asap.  He also likes to correct others when they think that all my boys are so quiet, he follows every such comment with a high-pitched scream.

Dental Update: Hudson got his first tooth on June 6th.  Nathan and Cooper’s second teeth have both broken through on the bottom next to the first and it feels like the third might be poking through on the top.

Momma says this as close as we’ll get to camping

The wild animals are already in the tent

Thinking of you Poppa

Bring on the pool

Cooper’s first time on the swing

Not his first time

He didn’t have to be convinced it was fun

How Fletch feels about not having Poppa around

We’re going to see Poppa next weekend!

Hudson would rather be eating the swing

Mom are you sure about these hats?

synchronized eating

Does this hat make me look fat


2 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Erika says:

    They are adorable and dressed to the nines — ALL of them. Hope you are having a great summer in MN. Before we know it, the trio will be turning 1… hard to believe! XO

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