Our Future’s So Bright…

We Gotta Wear Shades…

Well we have shades anyway!

I’m very busy, can we do this later?


So these were supposed to be photos with their sunglasses on but the boys had other ideas.  I think they are all upset with me because I forgot to mention some of their important new tricks.  Nathan said “Momma” of course he won’t do it again but I swear he said it.  He also claps on cue and sticks out his tongue when you do it to him.  Hudson stands on his own (for a second or two) and pounds his hand on the table for food and in response to you.  Cooper stands on his own as well and says “Nahnananah Nananah Nananah” (if you’re having trouble hearing this in your head listen to Here Comes the Hotstepper).  And they all shake their heads when I say “no,” in unison, as if to say there she goes again thinking she can control us.


One thought on “Our Future’s So Bright…

  1. Donna Ruppenthal says:

    great picture of Eddie and his guys! I see Mr. N. Dillon there.. We admired Mr. D. so much..
    good luck when they do start to walk and ‘run’… I enjoy the pictures so much and share them with my sisters… big birthdays coming up in July.. that should be a blast!

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