The Adventures of Eddie Coblentz

As if acquiring passes to see my life long obsession (Lloyd Doblar) and then letting me sit in the front row by myself wasn’t enough, my husband continues to woo me by going along with yet another of my crazy ideas.  This weekend we played Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and paddled our way down the Mighty Mississippi.  That’s right, we (along with our trusty guide from Stand Up MN) took out two oversized surf boards and rode the current down the Old Man River.  At our advanced age and declining athletic ability this is probably as close as we will get to surfing so I was pretty impressed with us.

To add my husband’s consternation shortly before our adventure the Muddy Mississippi got even muddier and our tour moved from an area south of a sewage leak to a new route north of it.  We were happy to “go with the flow” but this being our first time it was a bit unnerving to be the guinea pigs.  As always Eddie was a trooper.

In hopes of salvaging our marriage we topped off the day with good beer and even better seafood, not fished from the Mississippi.

Next time he visits maybe we’ll white wash a fence.

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One thought on “The Adventures of Eddie Coblentz

  1. Donna Ruppenthal says:

    Great pictures! good to see you two are having some time together – minus 4 guys! just don’t do anything too dangerous…Tom and Huck!

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