Superior Attitude

We spent our Independence Week (I’ve decided if a Federal Holiday falls in the middle of the week we should all just get the whole thing off) on the shores of Lake Superior.  We thought we were escaping the heat but in fact at least two days inched up over 90 degrees.  I’m not complaining especially to those of you who’ve been battling 100+ but its a bit odd for the North Country.

We started the week trying to skip rocks in Canal Park and hoping to watch the bridge go up.  We were unsuccessful on both fronts. GiGi was also disappointed that we didn’t run into any one she knows.  She had to be satisfied with more random comments from strangers.  “Yes, yes, you have twins and you thought that was a handful. Your life is easier than mine and it makes you feel better to  say it out loud. Got it”

Yes, he looks sweet but wait until tomorrow.

I’m gonna make you pay!

“If our mother knew how to work the camera you could see Lake Superior in the background”

Day two took us to Gooseberry Falls.  What a difference three years makes, the last time we visited it was all I could do to get Fletch to walk in the water.  This visit every edge was a mystery waiting to be solved and the faster and deeper the water the more enticing it looked.  We had to have a number of chats about why we weren’t going here or there.  The show reached a new low when Fletch decided to sing “you’re the wah-wah-wah-wah-worst momma in the world” (try this to the tune of Del Shannon’s Little Runaway).  I’m not even sure what I did, I think I asked him to put his shoes back on.  We recovered just long enough to wade back into the water to cool off before our departure.  Here’s Fletch’s version of the next few events: “Momma pushed me in the deep water and I got all wet.”  Here’s how things really went down:  I turn to leave, Fletch splashes me, in tune with my general rule for this type of mischief, I splashed him back twice as hard, Fletch stepped back, stumbled, and fell in, clothes and all.  Either way you spin it, if you didn’t see the whole interaction I look like a terrible mother, after the song he made up in the woods I didn’t really care either way.

Three years ago 4th of July

Three years later

Let’s go

This probably the last time he’ll need my help getting over there

The next day we braved the unusual heat with all four boys and headed for the beach.  How would you feel if you’re mother insisted on a cold water photo shoot, there was sand in your trunks and the sand fiies were biting?  That’s about how much the little guys liked my idea of a family outing.

Yes, we’re having fun. Can we go home now?

July 4th brought WaWa and cousins from Alaska.  We hit the beach again only this time it was more like an ocean.  I have never seen waves like this on Lake Superior.  Great fun was had by all, even when I decided to shoot photos instead of rescuing my son from giant waves (see below).

“Fletch Smile”

That evening we got a twofer, the fireworks were accompanied by lightning.  Very cool, but I am no where near a talented enough photographer to show you.


2 thoughts on “Superior Attitude

  1. Lois Walker says:


    It looks like alot of fun. I did like your reaction to splash back twice as hard. It made me laugh. I lost your number so give me a call when you get a chance.


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