We Bought A Zoo!

Or more specifically we had a zoo.  Last month when Eddie visited we took the boys to the Minnesota Zoo.  It was hot and crowded but we left with no meltdowns so we put it in the win column.  With all the stares and head turning, I couldn’t help thinking we’d brought along a bonus exhibit for the day’s visitors.  Next time I’ll post our plans and ask the zoo for a discount.

No more bones, let’s see the real thing.

That’s more like it.

You brought who to the zoo?

The dino ate my baby!

At home the feeling of menagerie continues.  The boys have their enclosure and if any one escapes madness ensues.  Unlike animals at the zoo we don’t have any problem with visitors throwing things in, its the animals throwing things out.  If left to their own devices, the boys will pick up all the toys and toss them over the gate.  I think maybe they are getting them to a safe place before Cooper can take them.  Feeding times have become interesting as well.  Its like we need to let them out in the wild to hunt or something.  At the table, during the day, they cannot get enough but at night it’s like they have no interest in what’s in the bottle.  You wouldn’t know it ten minutes before but 2 ounces in and they’re over it.  Maybe they’re anticipating the big upcoming shift to dairy.




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