Give A Brother A Hand!

It’s official, Hudson has taken steps.  I won’t call it walking yet because by steps I mean on numerous occasions he has taken one step and then fallen down.  The below video is not of these occasions.  Whenever it looks like he’s going to walk I just freeze and hope the air doesn’t shift too much and knock him down.  The video below is of their new group trick “How Big Are You?”  Simultaneous is better but I’d need a full time film crew to catch it on tape.  Here you’ll notice something else.  Nathan is the big clappper, he does it all the time.  He congratulates himself for eating, finishing his bottle, sitting, screaming, you name it.  However, you’ll notice here (he’s in navy blue) he refuses to clap at the same time as Cooper (in green).  He does not like his thunder to be stolen so he mad dogs Cooper until he stops and he can begin.  Hudson is just more selective of his moments for applause.


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