Lucky 13

Yesterday was the boy’s 13 month birthday, sorry for the tardy post, I’ve been very busy soaking up our last days of Minnesota’s unbelievably nice weather.  This month the boys have been busy playing outside, riding in their new fancy stroller, and gobbling up whatever they can fit in their mouths.  We visited our beloved Minnesota Pediatrician, Dr. Gobel and she gave us the new stats for the boys:

Cooper- 18 lbs., 29 in., 18.5 (head circumference)

Hudson 17.5 lbs., 28.5 in., 18.31 (head circumference)

Nathan 18.3 lbs., 29 in., 18.5 (head circumference)

Without triplet/preemie adjustment their percentages are roughly 1% for weight, 20% for height, and 70% for head circumference.  Yes, we are raising the world’s cutest bobbleheads.

The boys are also training to walk back into 97 University Drive.  In our family’s true, long-shot fashion it was the Dark Horse, “I’m not really interested in this whole walking thing” Nathan, who broke the two step barrier first.  On Wednesday, August 15th, he took several sets of eight steps or more.  Of course now that he’s done it, he no longer feels the need to prove that he can do it in front of anyone else.  Hudson put in a couple of good sets yesterday and this morning.  Cooper is holding out for Poppa’s arrival on Thursday.

Cooper: how do you expect me to walk with this guy on me?
Nathan: I finally got him!
Hudson: You see what I’m dealing with.


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