CT Groove

So New York Groove sounds a lot better and there’s a cool song to go with it, but we are in fact, back in the CT Groove.  Its been a week and there are only a few small bags left without homes.  Fletch is back in school and the boys are back in their table.  We’re working on a schedule, but of course, I was still frantically making lunch this morning repeating to myself over and over “no peanuts, no peanuts, no peanuts.”  However, I did try and work running into my new routine.  I got in 20 solid minutes, 15 running, 5 walking.  Before you start doubting my Super Mom status please remember two things:

1) I am pushing three babies, that’s roughly an extra 60 pounds.  Not to mention the stroller which needs its own lane to get down the street.

2) And this one is more important, I HATE RUNNING.  I have yet to fully rationalize the need to run given my place in the food chain, however it is free exercise and they say its good for me, so I’m giving it the ol’ college try.

Other items in our new agenda include trips to the warehouse store.  Yes indeedy, I’ve concluded that the best place for us to shop includes pallets, forklifts, and lots of free samples.  This way I can save big on the average 4+ gallons of milk just our little guys go through.

I put together a little video to celebrate our return.  Cladding the boys all in Yankee gear seems to have helped out on Saturday.  Sunday, however, Fletch wouldn’t swap out his SpiderMan pjs until after the bullpen blew up, sorry guys.


2 thoughts on “CT Groove

  1. Lourdette Diamond Neuburg says:

    Did I miss something? Is someone allergic to peanuts? Or is there some kind of peanut scare? Love their moves to the music!

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