Sorry folks, yes I forgot to properly commemorate the triplets 14 month birthday on Tuesday.  This week has been a little hectic.  Eddie has home games 4 out of 5 nights, Fletcher and Eddie had dentist appointments, and Nathan had a little surgery on Monday.  He is 100% fine.  They didn’t finish his circumcision at the hospital so now they have to put him all the way under to fix it.  The actual surgery only took about 15 minutes.  The real hardship was missing his morning bottle and still managing to be cute for all the hospital staff.  He succeeded brilliantly.  The anesthesia was a little tough to come out of but once Nathan got that bottle he quickly realized this was a rare opportunity to have mom all to himself and milked the lap nap time accordingly.

Post Op Nathan

To say this week was out of the ordinary would be assuming we have ordinary weeks.  I’m not saying that we’ve cornered the market on unpredictability but I think we can all agree its been a bull market over here at the Coblentz household.  It feels like every time the season changes, I spend a few days agonizing over how to nail down some sort of routine.  (Please contain your snickers.)  I get out paper and make lists of what needs to get done and map out the hours of the day.  When I’m all done it looks very neat, organized, and predictable.  But, to be honest, it would be a minor miracle if we made it through one day following the new schedule.

What’s a mom to do?  I’m not ready to admit to being disorganized, that would be like throwing in the towel.  However, I’m also no longer willing to bang my head against the wall trying to map out the unchartable.   My solution?  Turn it into an attribute or a super power if you will.  Yep, I am no longer fishing for compliments, I’m just giving them to myself.  And I may take it so far as to wear it.  I recently found a T-shirt on Pinterest that captures my feelings on the matter.  This T-shirt reads:

“I make people 3 at a time.  What’s your super power?”

Of course, after my initial swagger about my amazing ability, Fletcher’s new Spider-Man guy reminded me:

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

So four boys later, I’ve sufficiently proven I have super powers.  As for the responsibility – it is my responsibility to wake up every day ready for the unknown.  I may not be able to tell you where we’ll be at what time 3 months from now, next week or most likely even tomorrow, but I’m committed to where ever it is, we’ll be there with bells on.

This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I’m Spider-man Mom. ”

Cooper “you can’t get me in here”

Nathan “while he’s in here the toys are all mine”

Cooper “I got one”

Nathan “I’m not going in there with him”

Hudson “my turn”

Please pardon our dirty attire, our bath was unexpectedly rescheduled for this afternoon


3 thoughts on “Spider-Mom

  1. Kelly says:

    Friend!!! You’ve been on my mind so much. We got to see our new niece and nephew (twins) and my mind kept thinking of you doing everything times 3. In my mind you are SUPER Mom!! I affirm you 🙂 I know I keep saying it but I so wish we lived closer so I could lend you a helping hand. Keep breathing. Keep enjoying. Keep embracing the life and family you’ve been blessed with.

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