Forget the Bees…

Forget beekeeping, I am going to buy a cow.  I love this new urban farming and I love honey, but I’m nothing if not realistic.  We don’t need more honey we need milk.  This is a little less than a week not including what Eddie, Fletcher and I drink:

Got Milk?

Besides drinking milk the boys are very busy these days.  Fletcher is learning about bugs at school. Yesterday, they released their butterflies, Fletch named his Fireball.  We signed Cooper up for Cirque de Soleil.  He was the last to start walking, just last weekend in earnest, and now he wants to be on top of the world.  Open a drawer he’s in it, leave something on the floor and he uses it as a step.  We never had this issue with Fletcher so please send suggestions, otherwise I’m going to take all the furniture out of the family room and install wall to wall padding on the floor.  Hudson is headed towards becoming the next Bourne, without the mysterious past.  He loves to crawl under things and sneak around things to play peek a boo.  Nathan is my little collector (note I did not use thief or hoarder.)  When I free him from his crib, the first thing he does is collect all the pacifiers and puppies.  He cannot carry them all but he tries.  Sometimes he lords it over his brothers if he’s managed to snag theirs.  Once, Cooper dropped his puppy on the floor but was still in his crib.  While he was reaching out between the bars as far as he could to try and retrieve it, Nathan sauntered over, plucked the puppy from Cooper’s reach, promptly sat, and cuddled his brother’s prize just beyond his grasp. Ahh, brotherly love.

I’ve tried containing them but they figure out my tricks pretty fast:


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