Game of Thrones

**Disclaimer: I jumped on HBO’s Game of Thrones bandwagon a little late and I am not yet fully up to date.  Also, for those of you who do not watch the show this post might not make sense but I’m sure all of you have a spare 15+ hours to get caught up so you too can see the similarities between my daily life and this medieval fictional drama.

When you’re a triplet, and one of four boys the daily struggle for just a little bit of one on one time or the opportunity to sit in mom’s lap can seem like outright warfare.  There’s violence, tears, strategy, and trickery.  Lately, each one of the boys seems to have taken on characteristics of the prominent families from Game of Thrones.

Hudson is clearly a Targaryen, even when the iron throne is out of sight he talks about it incessantly (aka whines).  Somebody needs to send him a raven, “there’s only one seat of steel and way too many princes.”

Our Stark is Nathan, most days he’s not terribly interested in the throne.  However, if he feels the wrong man is in the seat or he’s been injured, he will call on his banner men (aka cry) until all his right in the world again.

Cooper is a Lannister, he manages quite a bit of time in the iron throne but mostly because of mischievousness.  Lest you think I’m being overly critical of young Cooper, let’s say he’s more like the older generation of Lannisters or perhaps the Imp.

Finally, there’s Fletcher the Baratheon and true heir to the iron throne.  Poor guy, he had no idea what was coming and now he’s forced to battle for what was once his without question.

Of course, I love living in this make believe world where I can pretend that my abs are made of steel.

knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men…all will play the ‘Game of Thrones.


One thought on “Game of Thrones

  1. Robin Finkel says:

    I do not watch this show, but feel I now have an understanding of the characters… yours and the ones on tv. Thanks for sharing that great pic-Mommy & her little boys is a beautiful thing!

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