Paper Boys

I spent the better part of my week, planning, purchasing and assembling new shelving for our family room.  Several days of work all in an effort to coral the herd of toys we use to entertain our boys.  Why do I do this to myself?  The better solution is and always has been, for all children, they don’t need so many toys.

All they need are the boxes and paper they come wrapped in:

That’s Hudson who thinks the paper makes him a lazy susan.  Nathan is convinced extra layers will make it more comfortable.  And Cooper laid them out like bases so he could celebrate the last day of the Yankees’ regular season.

I was afraid they were going to make the paper their lunch but then they found the box.  They’ve come back ashore only to discover paper treasure that will be torn in to little pieces so they can divide it among their clever pirate selves.

Yes mom, I promise to get them dressed now.


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