Post Season

The boys are all geared up for the game tonight…

Cooper, Nathan, Hudson

In case you are wondering how I’m feeling about the post-season, this photo was taken just before Hudson found and dumped out an entire deck of cards.  In protest of the fact that I had not yet given them lunch, Cooper started eating the cards.  In a rush to find them something with a little less fiber and a lot more flavor, I spilled a large bowl of hot pasta all over myself.



One thought on “Post Season

  1. Kathleen Yale says:

    I loved seeing you and spending time with the 4 kiddies! It was an experience watching the triplets feed themselves! Those strawberries sure went fast! Sorry about those Yankees- only good thing is that Eddie will have more time to get ready for Halloweem party. Had a wonderful trip to Hagerstown and West Va. to farm with Dot. She is an amazing woman!!! Got apples & loved it all. Lynne & Dick’s housis right out of “House Beautiful”! Sure hope Dot gets to rest in Fl. as she will be busy helping Elaine, I’m sure. Love, A. Kay

    Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 18:38:23 +0000 To:

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